Messed up places, granted empy words / Go and try teach me attitude, II’ll leave it all to you/ And count my bruises, then count your tattoos / You have a name in punk rock, but I’m a punk rock pitbull / You’re nothing to me / Oh it seems that your life’s so hard / This fucking melancholic blue sad feeling all the time/ You never knew what real problems are / Oh man you lack class, and I’m a Cadillac / You’re nothing to me / E non mi aspetto niente, io non vinco mai / Ci sono cose che non puoi comprare, ma non lo sai

I’ve got something to tell you right on my skin / On a stone cold bed, the same movie scene / Sixteen pair of shoes, dust on the floor / I know every picture hunged on the wall / Yeah I’ve got something to tell you / That is written right on my skin / If this flesh and bones could talk / There would be no need to speak / So baby baby hold me tight / Cause the floor is cold and fire / Do you ever feel empty and tired / Do you ever feel so? / Cause I’ve been there / No place is safer / Please tell all I will be fine / Yeah I’ve got something to tell you / I felt the smell of your pillow and your sheets / And I hate when you put your clothes on / It’s not cold outside isn’t it? / And there’s something I’ve learned now / That I really don’t belong here / I’ve been waiting inside for so long / Would you start this off, please? / Do these walls keep the world out / Or the two of us in? / So baby baby hold me tight / Cause the floor is cold and fire / When you tell me that we’ll be fine / I know, we’ll be fine

Cold arms can’t / Melt my blood / My head is / heavy as a stone / There was a sweater, a scarf / And then a box in the dust / Apathy / is my armour / Pretending / on the stage of this show / I checked your bag by mistake / I saw you hiding your pain / So dance for me / I’ll play the song / But don’t ask me / About tomorrow / So dance for me / Before I leave / I wish I could tell you that I’ll be there / But I can’t / And I picked up all the books / All the shirts alll the shoes / It looks like everything / And now I’ve put down my mask / Cause this is what I’ve become / It looks like everything / to me

I’ve been pretending to be / To be better, much better than this / And now I’m waiting to see / How the hell is this going to be / Cause it’s never forever / And you should know why / Now this room seems so small / And I’d better go outside / If I’m blindfold we’re blindfold together / And I think that it’s better for both / We can hide under each other drama / And pretend that it’s better for both / Yeah I know you can read / All my thoughts all my fears all my dreams / And that’s why I’m not gonna show you my real self no more / No I want pretend no more

Already seen it all and not impressed / Cause all I got is nothing but these cold regrets / And this place is getting so small / Push me out, there will be so much room / And I don’t speak too much but you don’t listen / Sometimes I shiver when you come too close / You cut me in piecese, take ’em all / I’ve heard you’re fine now – Me too / You’re the best of all the inconveniences / that I have ever had / And all I’ve always needed / And all I never had / That day it was so cold but not for you / My black coat fit so much better on you / And it took hours to come home / By that time, it was so late for everyone / And I still shiver but it’s not the same / And as you leave, a piece of me does leave with you / All that remains are old songs / I’ve heard you sing em now – I don’t / Too much, to close / it’s not the same now, not at all

Have you ever tried / The flavour of ground and hand sweat / Counting scars and friendly advices / Have you ever tried / To grab your head as it spins like that time we believed / There was no one around / This undertow will grow so call it off / Cause I’ve learned to fly but never / Learned to fall / Have you ever tried / Remembering old pictures of us / The rain outside and my broken car / Have you ever tried / To scream at night on the roadside / That last cigarette it was burning so fast and / Time we were given won’t never be enough / This undertow will grow so call it off

No one knows this weird side of mine / And I don’t know how to tell you / I tried so hard to get rid of it / It’s not as easy as it seems / And I don’t know how to deal with it / With this thing inside / It seems that nothing can stop it / I should just let it out / It’s like an animal / I feel its claws scratch / Ripping me apart / And I want it so bad / Now you know this weird side of mine / I’m ready to be judjed / Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems / I tried so hard to get rid of it / The truth is I don’t know how to deal with this thing inside / And sometimes I can’t wait for it / To get out, cause I like it

Black nail polish, long blue hair / Dancing anger and despair / And thousand dreams locked up / In the closet of your self-hatred / No I don’t think we’re good at playing / This game of fake romance / And your lipstick is bane / Yeah your lipstick is bane / Bring me to the edge / Leave me by the front door / Don’t let me say a word / I won’t say a word / Call me by another name / Call me different, call me insane / We’re not the same you and me / But the closer you come / The warmer I feel

There’s one thing I don’t know how / It has crushed on my shoulders / Cause I’ve been thinking for all my life / Nothing would have changed / Till the moment when / My balance breaks / And you just want to wake up from That nightmare but / It’s all real and grabs / You by the hand / It’s much like / Much like ants that climb up your legs / And a punch in the pit of your stomach / Draw the curtains, let me see / All the buildings, slowly falling down / There’s one thing I should know now / I will be fine